Basic of Mutual Fund Course

The covid-19 show us that financial planning is very important. Before that no one that much aware about the financial planning. Now a days Even single job is not able to give us financial freedom.

In market there is many option for investment. Many people are already using that option to secure their financial situation. Also there are many people who do not about mutual fund ,stock market, bond etc.

So i come up with the idea to provide the education about the financial investment. I design the course in such way that anybody who is completely beginner in this investment market can understand easily.

I design the course called Basic of mutual fund for beginner in such way that any one can enrolled and will learn about the mutual fund market and start building their wealth.

Below are the topic which will cover in this course.

Module 1:Introduction

Module 2:Mutual fund

Module 3:Types of Mutual fund

Module 4:Equity Mutual fund

Module 5:Debt Mutual fund

Module 6:Mutual fund operation

Module 7:How to select Mutual fund

Module 8:Best way to start for beginner