Online Advertisement Platform For Small business

Every business person wants more customer to buy their product. They want to reach every customer. They are doing business in traditional way. Their business is known to their regular customer, friend and relatives. The point comes when they want to new customer to reach outside of their circle.

They are not ready to do huge marketing which will cost them more than regular. They are doing regular marketing by visiting customer place. This take to much time in terms of travelling, manpower. Every marketing person will not reach to individual customer due to some time and traveling restriction.

The point come here is online presence. If your company present on internet then you did half marketing work. Every time customer will not call you then will visit your website and on that they will write whatever query they have or other information required.  

Only website will not do all marketing work. Your website should be simple there should be not any error while visiting your website. It should not take much to load on internet.

Now you have your own or company website now everybody should know that what you do and what your company provide in terms of service and product. You have to reach other customer who do not known your product and service.

To reach other customer there is some traditional way of referring your product and service website to the friend of friend and friend of customer and relatives. By this way you will stuck at particular point in terms of customers. You will not go beyond that circle of relative and customer friends.

To reach global customer internet , google is there to help you. Now you will think that how they will help you. Let me explain.

On the internet there is various option available for advertisement. However there is main two way through which you will do marketing of your service and product in minimum cost.

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads

1.Google Ads

Online advertisement platform google ad

Google ads is platform where you will advertise you products or services with large customer base. When you do ad on google, google shows you website on first page on search result. When someone search for your product that time google will show your website on 1ST row of 1st page of google. As you can see on above image.This will happen because you paid to google to show your website on 1st page. This will increase the website visitors. As well as they will buy your product also. Most of the business do this to increase customer. They get more benefit from the google ads after getting the customer because that customer will know their product. Next time he will come directly to them.

2.Facebook Ads

Online advertisement platform Facebook

This is also another great option for advertise. In Facebook there are millions of users in world. Facebook ad will give more customers. Facebook will show your product or service according to the user interest. Example user interested in cricket as per their profile and like of pages, video ,facbook will show ad which are related to the cricket. This will bring closer to the customer. Here only interest people will get your product or service recommendation.

Conclusion: –

In this digital area you must present online. It is not enough that you are online , you have to advertise your skill, product , service then other people will know you and they will contact you. Google and Facebook ad are great option for everyone who want to advertise their product or service.

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